Convert a Bitmap  to 3D View

1. Choose the Open command from the File menu and select a bmp, gif, png, or jpg file

Bitmap.gif (2143 bytes)

2. The Digitize command from Objects menu allows you to specify the digitize options

Digitize.gif (10138 bytes)

3. Press the Digitize button to digitize the bitmap. Set the value of contour.

Digitize_contour.gif (9722 bytes)

4. Result is the digitized bitmap

Digitize_contour_result.gif (4000 bytes)

5. Please use the context menu for contour (isoline) to copy a contour to the Drawings

Copy_to_Drawing.gif (6717 bytes)

6. For each line choose the Assign value command from the context menu

Assign.gif (13159 bytes)

7. Assign the value to line

Assign_Dialog.gif (8328 bytes)

8. The points are positioned along the line

Points_line.gif (6750 bytes)

9. After assigning values to all lines

Points_lines.gif (4420 bytes)

10. Choose the Gridding Method command from the Objects menu and select the System of linear equations method

11. Double click the Color Fill Contures or Color Cells items in tree panel to interpolate

Int01.gif (8779 bytes)

12. Hide the points

Int03.gif (7503 bytes)

13. 3D OpenGL view (Color Cells)

Int05.jpg (30516 bytes)