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Automatically Digitize Image

You can load image, or a scanned photograph you import from other programs and locations. When you insert clip art, you can automatically or manually digitize the image to a group of polylines and then change the fill or line color.

  1. On the File menu click the Open. Locate the folder that contains the bmp, png, gif or jpg file you want load and double-click it.

  2. On the Objects menu, click Digitize...

  3. You can set options and click the Digitize button. Then choose the contour levels.

  4. 3DField program filters and smoothes image and generates and displays contour (isolines). You can copy the contours to Drawings group and then save the polylines to ASCII, GEN or DXF file. To copy all contours, right-click the Map panel item Contours and then click Copy to Drawings. To copy a one contour, right-click this contour.

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