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Displaying 2D/3D Arrays

2D/3D array values are represented as Vi,j,k, where i = 1,…,X; j = 1,…,Y; k = 1,…Z in the matrix:

V1,1,1, V2,1,1, …, VX,1,1,

V1,2,1, V2,2,1, …, VX,2,1,

V1,Y,Z, V2,Y,Z, …, VX,Y,Z

Blanks or commas separate values. A line may contain any number of values. Comment lines beginning with the symbol '*' are ignored.

To input a data file from the command line, use the option /a:
Alternatively, use the File | Open 2D/3D data menu.

The program asks for array dimensions and the Y axis direction.

The array dimension is stored in the data directory. 3D arrays are displayed in the XY plane for a Z value selected from the list in the toolbar panel.

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