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Editing Data Points

3DField can load a few data series. A contour maps creates from one selected series. Double-click the name of series to select this series.

One may add, redefine, or remove data points directly on map. The Objects | Points menu opens a list of all data points. Or double-click the Data points tree item.

A data point clicked in the list becomes red in both the basic and general view windows. Double clicking a data point on a map selects it in the list.

The Esc key removes the selected data point. The Add button inserts a new data point. It is not necessary to enter coordinates manually. Double clicking on the map assigns new coordinates. New points are green and are appended to the list. One can add data points from an appropriately formatted file.

Deleted points are marked by a cross and withdrawn from the list.

The Change button replaces a selected data point's values.

The Save button writes a data point file for subsequent use.

The edited list is employed ONLY AFTER PRESSING the Redraw button to update the map.

The Estimate button calculates the interpolated values for the points.

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