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To build a contour maps, the program interpolates each data point value onto the grid nodes. An orthogonal 100x100 grid is automatically overlaid to encompass all data points and borders.

Use the Objects | Grid dialog to make the grid finer, typically to obtain smoother contours, or to define the grid with square cells. The length of a square cell side should be given units of X and Y. Click the Advanced button to create a irregular grid or save/load it.

If the Auto load box is checked, the grid is loaded from the directory when you open the data file in this directory (if the file was created in previous session).

The Show/Hide grid button in the toolbar panel shows or hides the grid. The grid parameters are automatically stored in the directory of input data ( file).

Use the commands from context menu for the Grid tree item:

  - the Values command to manually change a values of grid;
- the Set filter for values command to exclude a specified values from contouring;
- the Save numerical data command to save a values to text file.

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