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Load Data Points Series

A scattered data set is an arbitrary number of (X Y Z) points, where X and Y are abstract planar coordinates and Z is a value at that coordinate.

DATA.DAT is an example data file located in the Sample directory. Each data point occupies one line. X, Y, Z values are divided by blanks or commas. An optional fourth column indicates the data point name, a continuous alphanumeric string or a words embedded by double quotation marks.

The first three lines begin with alphabetic characters, indicating an optional map title.

Choose the Format scattered data command from the File (or View) menu to change the default order of X, Y, value and label columns

There are a few ways to load a scattered data points:

  1. Choose the File | Open command.

2. Using a command line (start field.exe data.dat series2.dat for example).

3. Create a new map and copy/paste the selected columns from other application.

4. Choose the Load new series command from the context menu for the Points item in the Map tree.

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