3DField 3.9.7
 - Fast algorithm calculate viewshed.

3DField 3.7.9 and 3DFieldPro v 2.9.9
 - Added transparent contour color fill.

3DField 3.3.5 and 3DFieldPro v 2.6.8
- Load .3dfbat file.  See 3dfbat format

3DField 3.3.0 and 3DFieldPro v 2.5.0
 - Added transparent map layer.

3DField 3.2.6 and 3DFieldPro v 2.4.3
 - Added rotate image option.

3DField 3.2.0 and 3DFieldPro v 2.3.0
 - Added MBA (Multilevel B-Spline Approximation) gridding method.

3DField 3.0.7 and 3DFieldPro v 2.1.4
 - Convex hull for points and boundary around points.

3DField 2.9.7 and 3DFieldPro v 1.17
 - Load polar coordinates.

Version 3DFieldPro v 1.06
 - Added new OpenGL view.

Version 2.9.4
 - Added data analysis with gistogram.

Version 2.9.1
 - Added input Y range data set.

Version 2.8.1
 - Added fine boundary crossing.

Version 2.7.5
 - Added import and export GPS files:

Cetus for Palm/OS;
CoPilot Flight Planner for Palm/OS;
DeLorme GPL;
DeLorme (drawing) file;
DeLorme Street Atlas Route;
EasyGPS binary format;
Garmin Mapsource:
Garmin PCX5;
GeocachingDB for Palm/OS;
GeoNiche .pdb;
GPSPilot Tracker for Palm/OS;
Holux (gm-100) Format;
KuDaTa PsiTrex text;
Lowrance USR;
Magellan Mapsend;
Magellan NAV Companion for Palm/OS;
Magellan serial protocol;
Magellan SD files (as for Meridian);
Magellan SD files (as for eXplorist);
Motorrad Routenplaner (Map & Guide);
MS PocketStreets 2002 Pushpin;
National Geographic Topo;
NMEA 0183 sentences;
PathAway Database for Palm/OS;
TomTom POI file;
TopoMapPro Places File;
Vito Navigator II tracks;
U.S. Census Bureau Tiger Mapping Service;

Version 2.7.3
 - Added RBF (Radial Basis Functions) gridding method.

Version 2.7.0
 - Added the option to calculate the contours on large grid.

Version 2.6.2
 - Added the option the dragging the lines or the group lines to other group or to the boundary tree item. The holding Ctrl button copies the lines.

Version 2.5.8
 - Added the option to load the csv files from SonarView.
 - Added the option to quick delete a line (Shift+Del).

Version 2.5.7
 - Added the option to load and safe TIF images.
 - Added the option to show a graph map.
 - Added the option to show a logo (the Logo command in the Objects menu).

Version 2.5.0
 - Added the option to load a scattered points with a refers (links) .
 - Added the autoloading a series of points .
 - Added the to save a contours in DXF Autocad format with a labels .
 - Added the to save a contours in SHP Shapefile ArcVies format without a labels .

Version 2.4.6
 - Added the option to load the ASC files (ArcInfo compatible ASCII grid format) .

Version 2.4.4
 - Added the option to import a ArcView ESRI Shapefiles.

Version 2.4.3
 - Added the option to save a digital data in graphic file.

Version 2.4.1
 - Added the Pie map.

Version 2.4.0
 - Added the Base option in OpenGL view.

Version 3DFieldPro beta 7.4
 - Added the stretch and rotation for a map or model. Click the Map tree item by right mouse button and select the specified command.

Version 2.3.9
 - Added the point markers in OpenGL view

Version 2.3.8
 - Added the math operations over the surface

Version 2.3.7
 - Natural Neighbors gridding method

Version 2.3.6
 - Added the 3D surface area calculation in dialog for closed line.
 - Added a hatch brush for filling a color contours.

Version 2.3.4
 - Added the Save elevations command in context menu for the Contours tree item and the Last saved radio box in the Create contours dialog.

Version 2.3.3
 - Added the saving the Delauney triangles as 3D mesh in DXF AutoCAD file. The Save triangles command in context menu for the Delauney triangles tree item.

Version 2.3.2
 - Added a texture fill for a closed line
 - Added a texture fill scale

Version 2.3.1
 - Added the Save to file command in context menu for the Data points tree item (including as DXF document).
 - Added the Full screen command in OpenGL view.

Version 2.3.0
 - Added a texture in OpenGL view

Version 2.2.9
 - Added the sorting in data points list
 - New color buttons
 - Drag and drop in Drawings tree

Version 2.2.8
 - Added a multicolumn loading
 - Added the Create splines and Delete splines commands in context menu for the Contours tree item
 - Added the Invisible if Inactive check box in Point Markers dialog

Version 2.2.7
 - Added the Create spline command in context menu for a Line tree item

Version 2.2.6
 - Added the new command line options
                         c:\3Dfield\field.exe  /ax 50 /ay 40 /a array.dat
                         open 50x40 matrix from array.dat file

Version 2.2.5
 - Added the setting alignment for value markers of points
 - Added the "/m color_polygons" options in the command line

Version 2.2.4
 - Added a OpenGL slices
 - Added a properties of line

Version 2.2.3
 - New scale bar

Version 2.2.1
 - Added the faults

Version 2.2.0
 - Draw a font symbol as point marker

Version 2.1.9
 - Added the "/d lines.lxt" options in the command line

Version 2.1.8
 - Added a Positions in OpenGL view

Version 2.1.7
 - Added the base map options in the command line
 - Added the XY aspect ratio dialog in OpenGL view

Version 2.1.6
 - Added the Save 3D mesh as Autocad DXF command in the context menu for the Grid tree item

Version 2.1.5
 - Color Polygons

Version 2.1.4
 - Color Tesselations

Version 2.1.3
 - Added a title for a color bar

Version 2.1.2
 - Added a contour levels in OpenGL View

Version 2.1.1
 - Digital ticks in OpenGL view
 - Load and save a contours as ArcInfo ASCII GEN format

Version 2.1.0
 - Adding a text
 - Load a POINT, LINE, POLYLINE, LWPOLYLINE entities from ASCII Autocad DXF file (just choose the File | Open command)

Version 2.0.9
 - Data tooltip

Version 2.0.8
 - Create demo contour map

Version 2.0.7
 - Drawing a lines, rectangles and ellipses
 - Option to specify minimum size for calculated contours

Version 2.0.6
 - Legend

Version 2.0.5
 - Color relief for 2D view
 - Calculation z values for specified coordinates

Version 2.0.4
 - Lommel-Seeliger, Derive and Lambertian methods for shaded relief

Version 2.0.3
 - Color points map
 - Minimum Curvature gridding method

Version 2.0.2
 - Shaded relief

Version 2.0.1
 - Flat contours in OpenGL view