contour map 4D

3DFieldPro is a contouring plotting and 4D-3D data program. It converts your data into contour maps, surface or volume plots. 3DFieldPro allows to create the contours (isolines) on surface and isosurfaces in volume from regular data set or scattered points. All aspects of 2D or 3D maps can be customized to produce exactly the presentation you want.

Create isosurfaces from 4D scattered points

5 3D interpolation methods:

-  RBF (Radial Basis Functions);
-  Inverse Distances;
-  Triangulation;
-  Kriging;
-  Linear System.

Choose the FILE | OPEN command to load:

contour map 3d
- scattered (X,Y,Z) data points
  (up to a few million for registered version);
- scattered (X,Y,Z, links) data points with links;
- *.SHP files (ArcView ESRI Shapefiles);
- GPS NMEA files (elevations or depths);
- ASCII *.DEM USGS Digital Elevation Model files;
- ASCII *.DXF Autocad files (points and lines entities);
- ASCII *.GEN ArcInfo files (polygons);
- *.GRD Surfer 6, Surfer7 and Surfer8 files;
- *.ASC ArcInfo compatible ASCII grid format;
- *.CPS ASCII CPS-3 grid;
- *.DBF DBase files;
- BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, GeoTIFF pictures;
- *.3DF 3DField documents;
- *.3DFBAT 3DField BAT command file;
- *.PNG files with the 3DField data inside logo;
- *.CSV files from SonarViewer (Lowrance Electronics);
- 1" and 3" SRTM data in HGT format (with .HGT
- *.SLG Lowrance Sonar Log Data files using SLG2TXT
  utility from Lowrance Customer Service.

Choose the FILE | OPEN 2D/3D DATA command to load 2D/3D matrix data

Choose the FILE | IMPORT GPS DATA command to load data (waypoints, tracks, routes and links) from GPS files:

Cetus for Palm/OS;
CoPilot Flight Planner for Palm/OS;
DeLorme GPL;
DeLorme (drawing) file;
DeLorme Street Atlas Route;
EasyGPS binary format;
Garmin Mapsource:
Garmin PCX5;
GeocachingDB for Palm/OS;
GeoNiche .pdb;
GPSPilot Tracker for Palm/OS;
Holux (gm-100) Format;
KuDaTa PsiTrex text;
Lowrance USR;
an image
Magellan NAV Companion for Palm/OS;
Magellan serial protocol;
Magellan SD files (as for Meridian);
Magellan SD files (as for eXplorist);
Motorrad Routenplaner (Map & Guide);
MS PocketStreets 2002 Pushpin;
National Geographic Topo;
NMEA 0183 sentences;
PathAway Database for Palm/OS;
TomTom POI file;
TopoMapPro Places File;
Vito Navigator II tracks;
U.S. Census Bureau Tiger Mapping Service;

Result maps:

an image - black and white contour map;
- color fill contour map;
- color cells map;
- color points map;
- Direchlet color tesselations map;
- Delauney triangles map;
- color and monotone relief map;
- circle values map;
- color polygons map;
pie map;
- slope map;
- various data visualization charts;
- 3D view relief contour maps;
- graph maps;
- rotated images;
- OpenGL 3D map with contours and textures.
- Gadget view 3D map with contours.


- 3D mesh (surface) in Autocad DXF format;
- contours with labels in Autocad DXF format;
- contours as 3D polylines in Autocad DXF format;
- contours as 3D polylines in ArcView ESRI
  Shapefiles SHP format;
- data points in Autocad DXF format;
- points, contours and drawing lines as
   waypoints, routes and tracks to GPS files;
- *.GRD Surfer 6 files;
- 2D mesh of triangles in text format;
- 2D/3D mesh of triangles in Autocad DXF format.
contour map in 3DField
Export to Autocad
contour map in 3DField

8 2D gridding methods:

-  RBF (Radial Basis Functions);
-  Inverse Distances;
-  Triangulation;
-  Kriging;
-  Minimum Curvature;
-  Natural Neighbors;
-  Linear System;
-  MBA (Multilevel B-Spline Approximation).

Other options:

contour map world
-  Automatic or user-defined contour intervals and ranges;
-  Control over contour label format, font, frequency
  and spacing;
-  Automatic or user-defined color for contour lines;
-  Color and texture fill between contours, either user-
  specified or as an automatic spectrum of your choice;
Base map attached to data points;
-  Data analysis, histogram for scattered and interpolated
  grid values;
Filter and other math operation for grid;
-  2D data regression;
-  Alpha shape;
-  Convex hull for points;
Transparent background and contour map;
Rotated and transparent 2D image;
-  Splines for lines and contours;
-  View and zoom BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TIFF and GeoTIFF
-  Automatically and manually digitize image;
-  Import and export polylines;
-  Ascending or descending sort for values or coordinates of points;
-  OpenGL view with full screen rotation;
-  Textures;
Convert a contour bitmap to a 3D view;
-  Output maps as EMF, WMF, BMP, JPG, PNG, GeoTIFF file formats
-  Insert maps (vector EMF or bitmap) in any document Microsoft Office;
-  Multipage scale print;
-  Multilingual interface;

Other products:

-  Gridding libraries;
-  Contouring libraries;
-  Qt contour project;
-  SWLib 3D OpenGL visualization project;

How to create contour map:

If you have a scattered points data set:
X Y Value or Z
26070 46750 4.6750 Point_1
27890 37640 3.7640  
... ... ...  
24080 36560 3.6560 "Point 23"
Open that file in 3DField
Draw the boundary with the mouse or load it ( if it is necessary)
Double-click on "Color fill contours" tree item of the Map list
Click on 3D OpenGL View button in the toolbar
Interpolation in volume for 4D scattered points

You can buy your copy of 3DFieldPro for € 299. Update is free.

32bit version run under any Windows
    64bit version run under Windows XP/7 64bit. Use more 2GB RAM. Faster