Graphic plots with a few Y-axis

Graphic plots with a few Y-axis

1. Choose the File | New graphic plot menu command.

Graphic plots 1

2. Click the Paste data from clipboard button to copy the data set from Excel, for example.

Graphic plots 2

3. Click on Row 1 and set it as the header

Graphic plots 3

4. Click on Col 1 and set it as X groups

Graphic plots 4

5. Click on Col 2 and set it as X items

Graphic plots 5

6. Click on Col 3 and set it as Y digit values. Define the color, the axe and the graphic style.

Graphic plots 6
The graphic styles:
Graphic styles 1 is bar;
Graphic styles 2 is adjacent bar;
the other styles are lines, point symbols and symbols on line.

7. Set graphic styles for Col 4, Col 5 and Col 6.

Graphic plots 7

8. You can save plot format to use it for other data set at next time. Click OK

Graphic plots 8

9. Double-click on the axis, the legend, the graphic field to edit them.