Windows and Qt projects

3d contour map library
SWLib is the library that allows you to show a surface in a 3D View window. You can control that view manually with the mouse or from other applications written in C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, VBA or Delphi.

Download SWLib Demo (about 1 MB). Just install and choose the Start|All programs|SWLib|Start Demo command. Look at manual in PDF format.

Using the demo allows you to easily display your own surface. That demo has no limits for grid size.

Please contact author Vladimir Galouchko for details.

Contour.dll library allows to create and shows the contours in 2D view from some gridding method.

Download DemoContour.dll with:
- Visual Basic 6 project;
- C# VS 2008 DemoContour_C_SHARP.ZIP transparent contours project;
- C# VS 2012 VS2012_DemoContour_C_SHARP.ZIP transparent contours project;

Just unzip it to any folder and run DemoContour.exe or DemoGridding.exe from Debug folder
included in zip.
The demo library has a limit of 50x50 grid size.

2d contour map library Transparent contours over the background image are supported

qt contour map library

Qt creating contours from points project.

3D Buttons

3DB application is based on Qt

Also available the Triangulation, Inverse Distances, RBF, Kriging, MBA or Minimal Curvature gridding method libraries.

Please contact author Vladimir Galouchko for details.