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Use the Objects | Boundary menu to draw a new boundary or change an existing boundary.

The Create boundary button or the Draw/Cancel line button in the toolbar panel allow a line to be drawn around the points with the left mouse button. The right mouse button deletes the last point. The C key connects the line ends. After defining a line, the Add Boundary to Map button automatically stores it in the file Border.brd and links with the given object. The boundary can be deleted, stored in a file of different name and later recovered. One can change the thickness and border color or fully hide a boundary.

Also to add any existing line to the boundary lines:
1. Import the line.
2. Select the line by clicking the line name or double-clicking any vertex of line. The selected line draw in red color.
3. Double-click the Boundary tree item or choose the Boundary command from the Objects menu.
4. Press Add boundary button.

Width or line thickness is given in pixels beginning from zero. Width 0 and 1 appear the same in the screen. When zooming, however, for example in the package Excel, a width of 1 increases; a width of 0 does not.

When building contour maps with boundaries, the Value button can sets the boundary value.

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