3DFieldPro - a few mouse clicks to create a isosurface from scattered points:

Choose the Help | Demo command. Select 3D demo to generate the  demo scattered points. You can enter the number of points. The other way is load your data set by the File | Open {X,Y,Z,Value} points command.

Double-click the Isosurface tree item, wait a few seconds for gridding and enter the isosurface value.

3DFieldPro options:


- All options of 3DField;
- Load {X,Y,Z,Value} 4D scattered points;
- Load {Zijk} arrays (matrices);
- 5 volume gridding methods (Kriging, RBF, Inverse Distances, Linear System, 3D Triangulation);
- Show isosurfaces and 3D planes;
- Transparent isosurfaces;
- Relief planes;
- Set 3D boundaries;
- Create series of 2D Z-slices images for animation;
- Allow create multiparameters 3D model .